Taskforce One

Performances, Lecture Demonstrations and Workshops

A. Performing Groups of Filipino Folk Arts Theatre, Inc.

  • The Vocal Ensemble presents broadways, classical, traditional music, and folk dances of rural Philippines.
  • Kulintangan Serenaders presents kulintang music and dances of Mindanao, Palawan, and Sulu.
  • Southeast Asian Anklung and Bamboo Ensemble presents bamboo music — flute, noseflute, anklung and percussions; bamboo music and dance of Philippine minority tribal groups.
  • Three Plus One presents music concert of soloists and small ensemble.
  • Los Bailes Españoles-Europeos de las Islas Filipinas presents music and dances of Hispanic Philippines.
  • Ka Pa Hula Kealoha celebrates the Pacific Islander heritage of the Filipinos.
  • Philippine Arts Theatre presents combination performances of all the above.
  • Asian Pacific Islander Folk Arts Program presents lecture-demonstration, which involves interactive participation of audiences — dress/costumes, language, music, dance.

B. Exhibitions

  • Visual Arts
    Linda French – Chinese Brush Painting
    Merla de Remigio – Watercolor / Oil Painting
    Cheryl Wood – Acrylic / Pastel Media
  • Cultural Museum Artifacts
    Pat Badillo Collection
  • Philippine Cultural Artifacts
    Col. Teodoro Elvas Collection
  • Martial Arts: Kali-Silat Arnis Eskrima
    Mataw-an Guro Joel Mendoza (Kalaki Style)
    Mataw-an Guro Zonia Velasco* (Sopons Style)
    (*1994 WEKAF World Champion)

C. Lecture Demonstrations

  • Asian Pacific Islander Folk Arts Program
    (songs, dances, costumes and musical instruments of Asia and the Pacific Islands are presented in an entertaining and educational format)

Taskforce Two

Community Empowerment and Dialogue Programs

FFATI offers the following seminars to the community:

    • Communication Skills
    • Leadership Seminars
    • Valuing Diversity
    • Welcome, Kabayan, to America*
    • How to Survive in the USA*
    *for new immigrants to America

Taskforce Three

Research and Education

Organizes and performs research on various Filipino cultural subjects, and translates them into educational activities for schools. Lecture-demonstrations for schools and other community functions, development of cultural teaching materials for schools, and cultural quizmasters become part of this program.

Taskforce Four

Documentation and Preservation

Documents and preserves the Filipino culture, as a product of research and other activities of the FFATI. To date, it has the following finished documentation:

Audio Recordings

  • Magsayaw Ka Giliw, at Umawit
  • East and West
  • One Moment in Time
  • Anklung Reminiscenses (ongoing)

Video Recordings
– recorded and telecast at Dallas Community Television on Dallas public access cable TV Channels 13B, 14B, 15B and 27A

  • Island Motion
  • World Choral Harmonies (University of the Philippines Concert Chorus Tour ’96)
  • Piano Soundboard
  • Dances of the Kulintang
  • Music of the Kulintang
  • Drums and Shields
  • Popular Manila Cuisine
  • Anklung Christmas
  • Yuletide Carols
  • I Paint the World as I See It
  • Chinese Brush Painting
  • Easy Filipino Dishes
  • Casting in Philippine Waters
  • Community Views
  • Making a Difference in Dallas
  • Moving Forward Together
  • Bailes de las Islas Filipinas
  • Sultan Kudarat
  • Traditional Dances of India
  • Revathi Satyu: Indic Classical Dance
  • Puppets: Strings and Things
  • Puppets and Youth
  • Countryside Revelry (Rural Dances of the Philippines)
  • Bailes Espanoles-Europeos de las Islas Filipinas (Spanish Dances of the Philippines)
  • Mountain Echoes (Mountain Tribal Dances of the Philippines)
  • Mindanao Percussions (Music and Dance from Western Mindanao)
  • Music and Dance from Seven Thousand Islands
  • Yoga Postures
  • Demystifying Yoga
  • Sugar Cane Sweet (Children’s cultural-educational program)
  • Royal Bamboo Dances of the Sulu Seas
  • 1997 Cultural Quizmaster Championship Tournament
  • Timepieces From The Past
  • Ollimpaxqui (Of Joyful Movement)
  • Dances of Mexico
  • Bulul (featuring Pat Badillo and his collection of Filipino granary gods)
  • Bamboo Tinikling Dance
  • Salaam Palestinian Folkloric Dance
  • Music Of Hawai’i
  • Hula Hawai’i
  • An Evening With Pilita (Filipinos for Filipinos 1998 featuring Pilita Corrales: Asia’s Queen of Song)
  • BUGSO NG KAGITINGAN (Surge of Courage) (in Centennial celebration of Philippines’ freedom from Spain)
    (copies of above TV productions are available at cost)


  • Philippine Primer
  • Jose Rizal’s Dream
  • Kulintangan Libretto: Sultan Kudarat
  • Weddings: Philippine Style

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