ffatimod2.jpg.scaled696Filipino Folk Arts Theatre, Inc. was a 501c3 organization which primarily endeavors to preserve, present, promote and nurture the cultural traditions and heritage of the Filipinos and secondarily that of its Asian-Pacific Islander neighbors, all of whom are now part of the present day American society.

How this group of people successfully interact and integrate themselves into the mainstream of society, breaking barriers of race, language and culture, to become productive members of the greater community, is also part of its goals.

To this end, fostering understanding through cross-cultural dialogues with the greater community, the improvement of community relations and the quality of community life is also an important goal.

Note: We are no longer an active group. This site is meant to be an informative resource of articles in various aspects of the Filipino culture.

History of 1898 Philippine Independence Declaration

During the Spanish-American War, Filipino rebels led by Emilio Aguinaldo proclaimed the independence of the Philippines after 300 years of Spanish rule. By mid-August, Filipino rebels and U.S. troops had ousted the Spanish, but Aguinaldo’s hopes for independence were dashed when the United States formally annexed the Philippines as part of its peace treaty with … Continue reading

Gone, But Not Forgotten

We were saddened to hear another one of our fellow FFATI members had passed away. One of our main leading male dancers/actors, Ricky Queaño, left this world after a massive heart attack on February 12, 2016. He was 47 years old. He leaves behind his wife, Olivia Queaño, and two daughters, Angela and Isabella. Let … Continue reading

Filipino Folk Dance Program Notes Resource

FILIPINO FOLK DANCE PROGRAM NOTES RESOURCEby Zonia Elvas Velasco(Note: Any of the foregoing material may be copied for your use, but with due reference to author and FFAT as follows: from Zonia Elvas Velasco, Filipino Folk Dance Program Notes Reso… Continue reading

Philippine Traditional Weddings

Filipino Wedding Rites by Tara Celeste copyright 1997, all rights reserved Kasal …. meaning “wedding”. Ikasal…. to wed or to marry. Kasalan…. the wedding ceremony. The traditional Filipino kasalan in the Christian community is unique in that… Continue reading

Filipino Martial Arts

KALI ARNIS SILAT KUNTAW by Zonia Elvas Velasco(copyright 1997, all rights reserved) The martial arts of the Philippines is known by the many names that describe it: Kali, Arnis, Kuntaw (also Kuntao), Silat, Eskrima.It is most known for its use of … Continue reading