David Knutson

(CPA in Dallas)

Comments from the Audience – 1997 Season Performances

“My wife liked the rural dances because they reflect the joy and gaiety of the people. The tinikling has always been my favorite. I liked the wedding scene (Los Bailes Españoles) as it made us remember when we are asked to be sponsors in a Philippine style wedding with veil, cord and coin ceremonies. It also gave historical information which we thought was very informative and valuable. 

The bright colorful costumes and graceful beauty reflect the culture so wonderfully. I also liked the hands-on idea as it made people more aware of what it is like to participate in another culture through its musical instruments. 

We also enjoyed the Mindanao Percussions section. When the girl started to climb up on top of the bamboo borne on two men’s shoulders, we knew she was good, but we still held our breaths away. That whole portion was outstanding!”